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ACDS provides preschool special education or integrated classroom instruction and related services to children, ages 3 to 5 years of age, who are classified with special needs by their school district’s Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE). Educational services are offered in a center-based classroom setting, five days a week (half and full day schedules). Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of skills in the following areas: preacademics aligned with New York State Preschool Standards, language and communication, socialization, adaptive skills, and gross and fine motor development.

The goal of our preschool program is to provide our children with the foundational skills necessary for success upon transition into the public school system at age 5.


Children receive a distinctive readiness program reflected in their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) that provides the solid preparation for entry into kindergarten and transition into district public school settings.

Our curriculum is also enhanced through “specials” including music, movement and exercise, adaptive physical education, and library in addition to computer training, health and safety instruction, nature study and field trips. When designated on the child’s IEP, transportation services are provided.

We currently have 12:1:3 and 12:1:2 Full and Half Day classes for students classified as preschoolers with a disability. We also have Integrated classes, which are approved at a 12:1:2 ratio. These classes comprise children classified as preschoolers with a disability alongside their chronological age mates who are typically responsive learners, taught by a dually certified Early Childhood/Special Education teacher.

We also conduct 8:1:3 and 6:1:2 classes which utilize an ABA instructional methodology designed for students on the Autistic Spectrum as well as those with other genetic disorders. This program is more fully described under ABA programs.

Our Westchester preschool is a state approved full-day self-contained preschool special education program for children ages 3-5. Our goal is to provide children with the foundation skills necessary to successfully transition to their home public school system at age five. Our full day 12:1:2 and 8:1:2 classes are language rich and use evidenced based strategies including, ABA, TEACHH, DIRFloortime, and Handwriting Without Tears. In addition, we have a PBIS program for the school as a whole, and in each of our classrooms. This July, we are bringing on a full time BCBA and by the fall, all of our classrooms will be structured using the principals of ABA.  We also have a new state of the art playground!  

We have a comprehensive parent training program (open to all parents). This includes an evidence based Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (“MSBR”) group, specifically geared to the particular needs of being a preschool parent of a child with special needs.

We are a full service preschool evaluation site as well.

We are looking to expand our services this fall to provide before and after school center based speech, OT, PT, ABA, counseling and parent training.

ACDS's primary headquarters is located in Plainview, New York. We have a second facility in Levittown, New York. ACDS was originally founded in 1966 by a group of parents on Long Island who were seeking services for their young children with Down syndrome. Since then we have grown and evolved into a lifetime services agency that serves families of individuals with a wide range of disabilities, from before birth until late adulthood. Our programs are delivered in a variety of settings, including our educational center in Plainview, in the family’s home, in community based programs and in our Individualized Residential Alternative group homes (IRAs). We currently have the capacity to serve more than one thousand people across all our programs.

Mirroring the successful outcomes of its special education preschool on Long Island, ACDS opened a preschool for ages three through five in Westchester, NY, in 2016.

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Cecilia Barry
(516) 933-4700 ext. 114

Jessica Elmendorf
914-810-2237 ext. 103

SEIT Services

ACDS also provides home-based SEIT (Special Education Itinerant Teacher) services for children on the Autistic Spectrum who are from 3 to 5 years of age. Parent Training and Counseling is also available for this population.


Cecilia Barry
516-933-4700 ext. 114

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